1500 KVA 34 KV Unit Sub Estation

General features of the unit substation.
The unit substation consists of a high voltage cell (HT), the transformer and a medium voltage cell (MV), the set was designed for outdoor use and mounted on a skid type.

Three phase autotransformer 600 KVA 380 V dry for KSB company

Date: October 2012 Company: KSB / Santiago – Metropolitan area CH dry three phase autotransformer, auto refrigerated through natural air, protective cabinet, indoors, vacuum impregnated in dielectric varnish. H class designed, built and tested according ANSI C 57.12.91 norms and ANSI C 57.12.01. Autotransformer general characteristics Potential: 600 kVA Raise of temperature: 115 ºC Service…


Three phase autotransformer 2.000 KVA in 23 KV in mineral oil for Enersis

Date: August 2012 Company: Enersis / Santiago – Metropolitan area. CH Three Phase autotransformer, auto refrigerated, immersed in mineral oil, outdoors, hermetic, with insulators class 34,5kV to high voltage, designed and constructed according to ANSI C 571290 norms. 1) Autotransformer general characteristics Potential: 2000 kVA Raise of temperature: 65 ºC Service altitude: 1000 m.a.s.l. Frequency:…