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Considering that an autotransformer can be a convenient economic alternative instead of transformers with similar technic specifications and useful in low voltages, we offer our customers a complete service of autotransformers’ reparation in the factory, that allow to constantly count on the efficiency of this sort of transformers.

Autotransformers reparation service begins with an evaluation of the autotransformer and, if necessary, the transport of this kind of transformer to our facilities to do the corresponding reparations, as they follow:

– Reparation of coils.

– Reparation of nucleus.

– Reparation of grill.

– Reparation of filtrations in the pond.

– Reparation of damaged contacts.

– Replacement of interior perneria.

– Replacement of packages.

– Replacement of insulators.

– Oil change.

– Others.