Transformadores CH S.A. stands out because of its high level of specialization and technology, reaching a high level in the market of transformers’ fabricants in Chile.

Transformadores CH has contributed with the development of specialized products to companies, such as Chilectra and Minería Chilena. Nowadays, we keep on investigating and developing new projects, which could solve economically the distribution and supply of electric energy.

Our activities are the fabrication, maintenance and repair of electric transformers, to energy distribution, in addition, to produce the components of such products.

Additionally, the fabrication of transformers and electric equipments for conventional power plants as non-conventional renewable energies.

Transformadores CH S.A. has an outstanding participation in the market with its own-manufactured products, which have proportioned national solutions, specially, on energy deliverance to rural areas, economically, and avoiding the theft of energy to rural areas, at low prices, of energy and equipment protection. Main raw materials used in the fabrication process are: Copper, Siliceous iron, Epoxy, oil, Pressphan insulating paper, wood and other chemical products, importing 35% M.P.

The company has worked with more than 2000 customers, there are some that outstand: Industries, Building Companies, Mining Companies, Electric Distribution Companies, universities, hospitals, shopping centres, among others, who have been supplied with transformers, emergency services, repairs, provisional changes, installations and different services according to customer’s requirement.

We are a company dedicated to fabrication, production and commercialization of transformers and other electric equipments and national enginery services with specialization in mining and energy sector.

We achieve our mission with a consistent service that satisfies the customers’ needs with an excellent technic level with a complete support and commitment of our company workers.

Being a known and consolidated company in national and Latin-American market in the fabrication, production and commercialization of transformers, electric equipments and enginery services, transmitting confidence and security to our customers, with a constant commitment in the search for leadership that benefit all our collaborators and customers.

In middle 2009, TRANSFORMADORES CH decided to start the establishment of a quality management system based on the principles of ISO-9001:2008 norm, as a means to ensure the quality of products and the company services and to impulse the continuous improvement as a work philosophy.

In 2010, BUREAUR VERITAS Company was the one in charge to audit and certify our Quality Management System according to the requirements of management norm ISO 9001:2008.

It is important to highlight that this management norm is not obligatory, but a compromise acquired by the management, to improve the quality of our products and services towards the customers’ satisfaction.

After, the management of Transformadores CH S.A. proposed to continue on its social and environmental commitment, and at the beginning of 2015 it accomplished the certification of ISO 14001 norm under the international standards, acquiring an environmental commitment beyond the established by actual legal normative. This way, it guarantees that the productive process cares for environment and reducing the impact that the production exercise has.