Pad Mounted Grounding Substations use outdoors, auto refrigerated, immersed in mineral oil, FR3 vegetal or silicone.

Pad Mounted Grounding Substations’ efficacy and security is proved in different locations as industrial areas, shopping centres, hospitals, real estate projects, etc.

B.T Cells.: magnetic level, tap changer, thermometer, B.T. terminals and interrupters and selectors can be incorporated if customer wishes it.

M.T Cells.: Bayonet or Cannister-type fuse, and also inserts for elbow connectors and earth bar.

For the fabrication of those Pad Mounted Grounding Substations, (outdoors) configurations and special components are ordered.

Pad Mounted Grounding Substations are designed to robust work, contaminated areas and it withstands an operation altitude up to 5.500 m.a.s.l.

Pad Mounted Grounding substations are also available for mounting on the floor.


Pad Mounted Grounding-type transformer consists on a substation that incorporates medium voltage protection, the transformer and low voltage protection.

It has an enveloping structure that allows its floor installation with no need of protective fencing. Moreover, its compact design allows saving space. Medium voltage electric supply is realized through the ground until it reaches the frontal part of the system, where the transformer is supplied through energized active plugs.

The frontal part of the system has a low voltage cubicle that provides general and auxiliary thermo-magnetic protection or fuse disconnectors to several suppliers.

Pad Mounted grounding transformers are especially suitable for installations on gardens, squares, undergrounds, hospitals, etc. because they have a protective design and a fine aesthetics.


Pad Mounted transformers have medium voltage and occasionally low voltage thermo-magnetic fuses. It contains the same characteristics than a common distribution transformer, and at the same time, it has standard accessories, but other elements can be incorporated, such as a warning contact thermometers, sudden pressure relay, etc.

Pad Mounted can work harmonically with the environment if they are designed to work with biodegradable vegetal oil.

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