For more than 70 years, Niagara Transformer has supplied the most reliable transformers, from North Pole to South Pole and among each continent.

As one of the oldest and most experimented transformers’ fabricants in the world, it is exceptionally qualifies to give solutions to the most requiring problems and customers’ applications. Its design and fabrication result in transformers without disturbances. Each transformer is a reflection of its commitment to satisfy customer’s expectative, no matter how complicated or demanding the application is.

Niagara Transformer, through a wide variety of product and maximum flexibility, helps to optimize the supply chain, it is a unique supplier of transformers and reactors, whether immersed in liquid, dry-type or moulded coils; they are all designed to satisfy your needs.

The leadership of Niagara Transformer in the Ingenieros Eléctricos y Electrónicos institute (IEEE), in the Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes Eléctricos (NEMA) and in the Comisión Internacional Electrotécnica (IEC) as well as its more than 70 years of experience, accumulated in transformers’ design, makes possible that it does not matter where your transformer is installed, because this will satisfy and exceed the most actual industry standards.

ISO standards are considered an agreement on the good administrative practices, with the only objective of delivering products and services of excellent quality to customers. As a registrated company in ISO 9001:2008, Niagara Transformer’s processes have been certified by international standardization organization.

Niagara Transformer’s strength is the ability to understand the customer’s requirements and provide an answer, supplying the most efficient and reliable transformers, to satisfy the most demanding needs.

The fabrication rank of submersed transformers in refrigerant liquid, is up to 50 MVA and 69 KV. Its inequitable experience has make them experts in the use of diverse dielectric fluids, including mineral oil. Favourite refrigerant liquids, with a high point of ignition are: Envirotempa FR3 and Alpha®, Beta®, Midel®, BioTemp® and silicon fluids.

Niagara Transformer’s focus is to provide a transformer designed according to customer’s needs, any kind of request included. It is a company able to satisfy your needs, even the most special characteristics, with no standards, as impedances and non-standard voltages, special frequencies and low-sound levels.

Niagara Transformer can provide designs of multiple coils, of multi-derivation and of high current, to satisfy the applications demanded by industry. So, it satisfies with the requests to extreme environments, such as corrosive atmospheres or some dangerous, catalogued as Class 1, Division 2, Group C and D.

Niagara Transformer is one of the few companies that provide a complete line of transformers, whether for general use or for special needs of the industries. Its devoted and qualified engineers’ team develops special products, as 3 phase voltage regulators, grounding transformers and reactors.