The function of the three phase transformers is very important, when it comes to strong electric systems. The main reason relies in the procedure, that starts by “transforming” the electric variables, voltage and current and ends with the conduction of electric current from one point to another. The result is a voltage change according to the requirement with the minimum loss of capacity.

Transformers are the electric equipment that, thanks to a sturdy design, can offer a reliable service every day and at any time. One of their particularities is that they are systems of long duration, if they are used correctly, they can reach 30 years of useful life, and even some could be 40 or more years working effectively. The transformer is the electric equipment that operates with more energy per unit volume.


TRANSFORMADORES CH works in communication with its clients and thanks to its own fabrication of transformers, can give solutions that adapt to the client specific needs and so they can obtain the ideal result. This allows Transformadores CH to acquire an abundant participation in the electric industry.

The most common materials, used in the fabrication of our transformers, are: copper, aluminium, iron, siliceous Steel, resin epoxy materials, fluids and dielectric varnishes, insulated materials, special wood, every material with high quality and also include instruments to measure main variables, those instrument are imported from the most important companies in this field.


logo-gotaTransformadores CH S.A is a company committed with the environment, in the fabrication and procedure of our transformers and electrical substations, we always look for a sustainable and ecologic production. Because of this, in Chile we have been pioneers in implementing dielectric vegetable oil FR3, non-toxic and a 100% biodegradable, from the variety H (360º). It is offered every day to our clients as an alternative, while we spread its many advantages.