• Transformadores elevadores
  • Transformadores elevadores
  • Transformadores elevadores


– Elevator transformers withstand up to 10,000 kVA and voltages up to 36 kV

– They can be single-phases or three- phase transformers. In Their Characteristics, we can find That They are self-cooled and dipped in mineral oil, vegetable oil (FR3) or silicone.

– They can be designed for contaminated areas also, for hard work and for an operation with an altitude up to 5,500 m.a.s.l.

– They can be an indoor or outdoor type, for coastal, rural and urban or industrial, etc.

– They are made ​​by insulated lids or lateral cabinets, suitable for cabinet of measuring and protecting


The Elevator Transformers are in charge of raising the energy voltage to reduce the current. That way it is possible to transport the energy for longer distance using a smaller size of cable.

The elevator transformer is normally fabricated for the low voltage coils, which are connected in delta and the medium voltage coils that are star-connected.


The Elevator Transformers have the same characteristics as a normal Distribution Transformer:

– They are equipped with the necessary accessories for a good monitoring of temperature and coolant level

– They have protective elements such as a safety valve for safe operations and it has four isolators on the side, of medium voltage, and three in low voltage.

– They are composed by a tap changer, which operates with the transformer de-energized, allowing even better regulation of the voltage transmission.