• Transformadores y subestaciones electricas


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Interior Mining Drag Substations (mobile) are especially used in mining. Electric drag substations can be three phase or single phase, auto-refrigerated dry-type or immersed in FR3 vegetal oil or silicone.

Drag transformers are designed to withstand robust work in the interior of tunnels and they can operate up to 5.500 m.a.s.l.

Electric Drag (mobile) Substations of Interior Mining and for mounting on the floor.

They are composed by:

– B.T. Cell (protection, control and action).

– M.T. plugs and swift-charge.

– Inspection side- doors.

Nowadays, some of our Interior Mining Substations (drag) are functioning in Minera Disputada Las Condes, Anglo Chile, División El Soldado, Minera Las Cenizas and Pucobre S.A.

Electric Drag Substations supply to every electric system used in the interior of the mines.