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Drag-Grounding Substation (mobile) are outdoors with power up to 5000 kVA.

They are transformers (mobile) used in mining works on the exterior of the mine.

Exterior Electric Substations (mobile) can be three phase and single phase, and they can be auto-refrigerated, immersed in mineral oil, FR3 vegetal oil or silicone.

Exterior Drag Substations (mobile) are designed to withstand robust work and they can operate up to an altitude of 5.500 m.a.s.l.

They are suitable for mountings on the floor or mobile (drag).

Exterior Mining Grounding Substations are composed by:

– Electric room (control, command and strength), the transformer and A.T, cell (low swift-charge).

– M.T. plugs and swift-charge.

– Connection bars and plates for quick couplings of outside circuits.

– Output circuit board.

– Transients limiters (lightning) to protect the circuits.

Nowadays, we have electric drag substations (mobile) outside the mine functioning in Minera Escondida. They are used to supply the water extraction bombs deep in the open deposit.

Exterior substations are suitable to aggressive environments.