From our company, we advise the customer on the requirements:

– To clean insulators.

– To tighten hardware.

– To mount own disconnectors.

– To Electric substations.

– To displace the networks.

– To extend medium voltage networks.

– To mount reinforced concrete pond.

– To replace and remove damaged ponds.

– To prune trees.

– Other needs.

There are customers who already have own professionals to the installation of fuse disconnectors. A process of training of the workers is realized to open and close disconnectors and to preventive maintenance. So, this easy a quick intervention if there are problems of cuts of electrical lines without an expensive cost when there are disconnection emergencies.

We are equipped with a crane that stand high-tonnes, and specialized professionals in complex works.

Moreover, in most occasions there are short circuits in medium voltages lines due to trees branches. To avoid this, we advise the customer how to realize the pruning to prevent and protect the continuous supply of energy in industries.