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Medium and low voltage protection switches

MT and BT Cells are outdoors-type (IP65) and they are built of steel plate A37-24 of 2,5 mm type. Inside they incorporate a fuse switch SF6 24kV class to operate under load. A vacuum plug can be added if customer’s wishes it.

Moreover, it has entrance and exit bars to connect terminal joints, as indoors and outdoors ground connectors.

Operation mechanism opens automatically if any of the fuses operates and it is independent of the operator. It consists of auxiliary contacts, 2 NA / 2 NC an in 220 Vca. MT and MB cells have a robust and high security design that cannot be ground connected if the principal switch is not opened (de-energized).

To access to the fuses, there is a door that has an enclave that does not allow the access if the system is energized. It disposes of a 120W heater that works by thermostat.

Inside and outside doors dispose of a template sight glass of security that allows a visual inspection. To see the inside, the system disposes of a turtle-type lamp and 3 led voltage indicators in exit connection. The cables go in and out through an inferior socket due to perforated metallic lids for packing installation, which ensure tightness.

In our laboratory, we realize tests to ensure quality, as applied voltage, resistance and contacts simultaneity tests, so we emit the test certification and 24 months guarantee.

It applies to design needs for nominal intensity.

Low voltage Cell

Outdoors cell IP 65, similar than M.T cells, will consists of the following elements:

– 4 B.T. terminals (1,2,3 phases + neuter) connected to B.T General Interrupter.

– Exit connections in copper plate tinned.

– It disposes of an emergency stop button, inside turtle lamp, storm door and led voltage indicators.