7500/10000 KVA Power Transformer in 13.8 KV

Three phases power transformer, with separate side boxes sealed, for primary and secondary bushings. Self-cooled transformer, submerged in mineral oil, weatherproof and waterproof type. The transformer was designed, built and tested to ANSI C and ANSI C 57.12.90 57.12.00.

Oil Current Transformer 1200/5-5 Volts 25 KV class

Current transformer manufactured according to ANSI C57.13 norm, isolated it in mineral dielectric oil, 50 Hz frequency, sealing pond, open type pond, 25 kV insulation class, 1000 meter above sea level. Accuracy class N1 and N2: 5P20, 50 VA burden, ratio 1200/5 – 5 Volts.

300 KVA Dry type transformer in 380/690 Volts

600 KVA dry type transformer 380/690 Volts features:

  • Power: 300 KVA
  • Voltages: 380/690 Volts
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Transformer class “H”
  • Factor K = 1
  • Temperature rise: 115 ° C
  • Connection group: dD0
  • Operating Altitude: 1,000 m.s.n.m
  • Insulation level: 600 Volts
  • Metal enclosure: NEMA 1 (RAL 7032)

2000 KVA 15 KV Unit Substation

UNIT SUBSTATION 2000 KVA in 15 KV. General features of the assembly unit.

The substation unit cell consists of a medium voltage cell (MVC), a low voltage cell (LVC) and a transformer unit. The entire set is for outdoor use and all mounted it on a skid type.

1500 KVA 25 KV Unit Substation

General features of the entire unit substation.

The unit substation consists of a cell medium voltage (MV), a cell low voltage (LV) and a transformer, all the whole assembly mounted on a skid type.

1500 KVA 34 KV Unit Sub Estation

General features of the unit substation.
The unit substation consists of a high voltage cell (HT), the transformer and a medium voltage cell (MV), the set was designed for outdoor use and mounted on a skid type.

Three phase autotransformer 600 KVA 380 V dry for KSB company

Date: October 2012 Company: KSB / Santiago – Metropolitan area CH dry three phase autotransformer, auto refrigerated through natural air, protective cabinet, indoors, vacuum impregnated in dielectric varnish. H class designed, built and tested according ANSI C 57.12.91 norms and ANSI C 57.12.01. Autotransformer general characteristics Potential: 600 kVA Raise of temperature: 115 ºC Service…

Three phase autotransformer 2.000 KVA in 23 KV in mineral oil for Enersis

Date: August 2012 Company: Enersis / Santiago – Metropolitan area. CH Three Phase autotransformer, auto refrigerated, immersed in mineral oil, outdoors, hermetic, with insulators class 34,5kV to high voltage, designed and constructed according to ANSI C 571290 norms. 1) Autotransformer general characteristics Potential: 2000 kVA Raise of temperature: 65 ºC Service altitude: 1000 m.a.s.l. Frequency:…